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1.0+is a handmade, limited-edition light sculpture composed of matched glass elements. It is limited to only 400, but all possible compositions are six times more. Designed to be a companion in the darkest moments of life, bringing warmth to your heart and making you feel less alone. 1.0+ is a beautiful contrast to a minimalist space and will never be lost in an eclectic apartment full of trinkets. They are sweet like a candies or antidepressants. They are made out of love!

1.0+ are changing their colors in an unexpected way obtaining unusual shades thanks to the filter inside the object. You can make Your own color composition making this limited objects unique.

Contact me if You want different ring, top or filter added to this base.


If in the stock waiting time is 2-6 weeks
If it is not in the stock waiting time is 6-10 weeks.

38 cm/brass base/e14/EU/US plug – contact with me

1.0 grew up, took on new colors and got wings, and this is a new Galaxy of possibilities. 

Now there are 10 different bases, 10 different tops, 8 discs and 3 filters.  2400 assemblies.  And there can be a total of 400 objects. 

You can choose your combination or rely on me. Of all the elements, I have chosen a few combinations that have recently pleased me the most. 

There are ten 1.0+ combinations, six 1.0 and four 1.0 unfiltered, they all have something magical about them, and they can also grow up over time…

Every first copy is available on my website (link in bio/ shipping by the end of April (EU plug, DMme for other) if you have any questions, write to me

You can also order more examples, it takes 8 to 10 weeks for them to hatch.

Sound on…

1.0 podrosły, nabrały nowych kolorów i dostały skrzydeł, a to jest nowa Galaktyka możliwości.

Teraz jest 10 różnych podstaw; 10 różnych kulek; 8 dysków i 3 filtry. 2400 złożeń. A lampek może być w sumie 400.

Możesz wybrać swoje zestawienie, lub zdać się na mnie. ze wszystkich elementów wybrałem kilka zestawień, które cieszą mnie ostatnio najbardziej.

Jest dziesięć kompozycji 1.0+
Sześć egzemplarzy 1.0 i cztery 1.0 bez filtra, wszystkie maja w sobie coś magicznego, a z czasem tez mogą podrosnąć…

Każdy pierwszy egzemplarz dostępny jest na mojej stronie (wysyłka do końca kwietnia) w razie jakichkolwiek pytań napisz do mnie 

Można tez zamówić kolejne egzemplarze potrzeba 8 do 10 tygodni na ich wyklucie.

Włącz dźwięk

They are all about love. Some are about the safe one – motherly, others about the love of lovers. They help to relax or energize. They are about the future and about the past; they are about the sense of security, they comfort in depression and break down sorrows. Finding the next elements that build a new whole has a romantic aspect. Each composition is unique and will never happen again.

They are one of these object that You can have relation with. Artist does not call his sculptures – otherwise, it would be difficult for him to part with them. He leaves this privilege to their new families.

Michał Korchowiec is a visual artist, theatre set designer, and documentary director. Michał invented the light sculptures to cheer himself up during the lonesome pandemic depression. 

The light sculptures are made out of the precious, vintage, glass lampshades dating from the 1920s – to the 1980s. A combination of many unique glass elements creates stable and closed shape glass sculptures. Yet the shape of the object is as important as the unusual colors of the visible light. What’s at the heart of the objects are glass filters made out of colored utility glass, changing the visible color of the light of one bulb – thanks to this, we can influence the light and emotions that each object evokes.

It has been proven that colour light has healing properties, and helps to alleviate anxiety. Michał’s anthropomorphic sculptures embody the therapeutic in objects that take on the character of friendly sprites, or benevolent visitors from distant planets, delighting in living among the people. Their light is alive, and changes throughout the day and night according in tune with their ambience. When the day is folding down the external colors of the object disappear giving a space for the color of the light to become sharper. When it gets dark, blues and purple gradients appear in their full effect. The object is filled with magical gradients of colors. 

The individual beauty of each element of the Light sculpture by Michał Korchowiec – often damaged by age and their history – compose a unique work of art. The lampshades are not perfect, sometimes they are scratched, sometimes crooked or deformed, and sometimes there is a little bit of paint left on them, but this is what makes them even more unique and beautiful. Their forms are familiar, they bring back good memories.

Thanks to the experience gained while creating unique light sculptures, 1.0 came to a life.

The 1.0 consists of three matched glass elements – the base, the top shade, and the filter. The base is designed in three shades of cinnabar, and the top shade is in six colors – two shades of pink, green, and blue each. 

Thanks to the combination of colored glass elements, 1.0 obtains unusual colors of light, surprising in relation to the external color of the object. The light of one bulb can be separate in many ways. 1.0 can be use with or without a filter, obtaining lightly colored light or light with intense colors. Each of the color versions shines with a different, amazing shade. You can collect them all as every top shade is creating two looks of the object; and from the collected components, you can make your own amazing landscapes on your shelves or tables…

Contrasting combinations of orange and violet, on a scale from pink to dark blue, energize and resemble the color of the fire. 1.0 becomes the Genius Loci – little guardian of space. She’s sweet like candies or antidepressants.

1.0 it’s beautiful contrast to a minimalist space, but will never be lost in an eclectic apartment full of trinkets.

The object is a fun lecture on the theory of combining colors, and the act of assembling glass elements is a pleasure

1.0 is a basis of an analog system, to which it will be possible to add more glass shades in the future, creating unique compositions of colors and shapes.

The limited edition of 1.0 is signed and numbered. 400.

Each glass shade is blown and hand-painted in a Polish glass factory. 

1.0 is intentionally analog, and non-technological – only necessary materials are used in it. 

Waiting time for 1.0 is significantly extended due to the zero waste approach. 

Now, 1.0+  is ready to order and preorder. Limited amount of examples will be ship in end-April 2023. 

Michał Korchowiec, b. 1987, a graduate of painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Krakow, visual artist, theater set designer, and director of documentary films. He is the author and co-author of several dozen exhibitions in Poland and abroad, presenting his painting, video art, and installations.
Since 2009, as the author of scenography, costumes, and lighting, he has collaborated with many directors in Poland, Germany, Iceland, and Japan.

Author of the visual world of performances by Monika Strzępka and Paweł Demirski, such as “In the name of Jakub S.”, “Rainbow Stand”, “Courtney Love” or „Non–divine comedy”, winner of many awards and distinctions. In Iceland, he made the sets for the performance based on the novel “Salka Valka” by Halldor Laxness, the only Icelandic Nobel laureate, directed by Yana Ross. He co-created (as set designer)  performances of Wiktor Rubin, Wojtek Klemm, Jacek Poniedzialek, Magda Szpecht, and Tomek Cymerman.

The premiere of his feature-length documentary “Morgenrot” took place at the 56 ‘Krakow Film Festival and the 26’ International Film Festival in Cottbus in 2016.

He cooperates with Gallery @Listval_ in Reykiavik, Iceland

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